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2023 Expected Offspring

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Updated September 17, 2023

Diamond PythonMorelia spilota spilotaF3 Gosford, NSW (San Diego Zoo original bloodline)
Sonoran Gopher SnakePituophis catenifer affinisCuesta del Burro - Presidio Co, TX
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 & F2 Okeetee Hunt Club - Jasper Co, SC*
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF2 Sandhills - Montgomery Co, NC
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 Lee Co, FL
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 Okeetee Hunt Club X Soderberg Extreme Reverse (Albino) Okeetee
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF2 Lake Sheen - Orange Co, FL (Hypo & Poss Het Hypo)
Eastern KingsnakeLampropeltis getulaF1 Currituck Co, NC*
Eastern KingsnakeLampropeltis getulaF1 Pasquotank Co, NC
Florida KingsnakeLampropeltis floridanaLavender, Anery, Albino, Hypo, Etc*
Nelson's MilksnakeLampropeltis polyzona "nelsoni"Albino, Splotched, Het
* Unrelated Pairs are Expected